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Extraordinary opinions and occasional babble from two ordinary guys who take music more seriously than themselves.

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Peter comes from ‘the north’, well, Bury anyway. He dabbled in Student Radio at Keele University and DJ-ing
(‘Come Together’) around some of London’s finest drinking establishments before realising his true calling was being part of a niche podcasting duo.

Inventor of the word ‘Solid’*

Peter likes: The Beatles; Pet Shop Boys; Nine Inch Nails; Depeche Mode; David Bowie.

*Ok, so he didn’t actually invent the word, but for the purposes of the podcast it’s one of his catchphrases. ‘Ping’ is another one.


The History

It all started in the pub, as so many things do, when our intrepid heroes were stood at a bar discussing some new music. It was late in the evening and Scott said to Pete, “why don’t we start a podcast and review albums, I’ve got a mic and some software, it could be fun” (or something like that), and Pete responded, “yeah, why not”.

The idea was to recreate the pub conversions within the confines of Scott’s house. So on a cold night in late 2009 it began. Much alcohol was consumed and we talked about Rap. It was fun, it was LONG, but it wasn’t really very good. Alcohol was quickly ditched from proceedings and immediately the tone and pace was set for all future podcasts.

So What’s the Podcast About?

It’s about 30 minutes …

…But seriously Folks (as Joe Walsh once said) … Albums: Love them or hate them, we review them – at least six new releases every month. Pop, Metal, Indie, Rap, Country, Folk, EDM. It doesn’t matter what the genre is, we pick six albums, listen to them, and then sit down and record our thoughts.  Simple as that really.  Are we slick, polished? No, not really. “Babble for babble’s sake” an early reviewer said. It wasn’t meant as a compliment. Our style wasn’t for him – that’s fine.

There are no rules or set things we have to cover, but we do try (though not always succeed) to apply the three listen rule: giving each album at least three listens, as we have discovered many times over the years that the difference between a second and third listen can be surprising.

The podcast is essentially made for our own enjoyment, but we share it as some people seem to like our ramblings.




Scott comes from Scotland (sort of). He writes songs and was in a few bands (a very long time ago) that never really got out of the bedroom – this was a good thing. He too eventually realised his true calling to was to find an excuse to listen to lots of  new music then chat about it.

Scott likes: Todd Rundgren; David Bowie; The Weakerthans; Public Enemy; Scorpions; Loudon Wainwright III.

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